Celebrating Twenty!

devozine® was launched in 1996 after a youth group in South Dakota challenged the church to create a devotional magazine “just for teens.” Now we celebrate our 20th anniversary with

For Teens By Teens

devozine® is a devotional magazine (devozine for short!) designed just for youth and written by young people and by adults who love them.

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Celebration 20 Years!

This Week

This week’s theme in devozine® is Hear My Prayer: When have I prayed with all my heart for something and felt as if God were not listening? Why is it important for me to continue to pray even when it is difficult? How am I learning to be honest with God?

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Upcoming Themes

Check out the themes that will appear in upcoming issues in 2016. And don’t miss the opportunity to submit your own devo for one of the 54 themes in 2017! Let the theme questions prompt an idea for a devo that you can submit online or right now on your phone!

Pick Your Theme


Click the link below for special offers on individual,  group, and/or gift subscriptions to devozine®. Each issue of this bi-monthly, 64-page, full-color magazine focuses on nine weekly themes relevant to the lives of young people today. Each theme includes weekday meditations and a feature article for the weekend.

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