April 18, 2017

Afraid To Make Friends

By: Alice Mayer [Burgess, VA]

In college, I made poor choices in friends.

Eventually, I said goodbye to them and began attending the large Christian fellowship gatherings the college hosted. The students who attended were friendly; but after a brief hello, they were quick to settle into their usual groups. I felt left out. More than once, I was invited to come to the weekly Bible studies, but I was afraid to go. I was afraid the girls who went might be too pious to like me, that I would look too messy in their neat cardigan-and-khakis world.


I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13 (NRSV)

I never attended a single Bible study, and I regret it. I was raw and wounded by my old friends and sorely in need of solid Christian friendship. The apostle Paul leaned on many close friends during his ministry, and he drew strength from the people God placed in his life. I sometimes wonder what kind of friend God would have blessed me with if I hadn’t been afraid to ask and to walk in faith.

ASK: I have met many people by remembering Philippians 4:13, praying for strength, taking a deep breath, and introducing myself. I cannot think of a single time when I asked God for strength and did not receive it. If you are afraid to talk to new people, remember that God will give you all the strength you need. Then go for it!

Sophie Mather [Athens, OH]



Try This

Write on an index card “FAITH = RISK.” Look at the card before you start each day as a reminder to keep your eyes on Jesus and to follow boldly.


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