May 10, 2018

Beyond First Impressions

By: Andrea Woronick [Brookfield, CT]

People can tell a lot about us by the way we dress and the music we like.

Image matters to me, so I try to follow what’s trending in fashion, music, and technology. I want others to see me as having it all together.

You are always making yourselves look good, but God sees what is in your heart.
Luke 16:15a (CEV)

But I also want others to know that there’s much more to me than the way I look. Instead of judging me solely by my appearance, I want people to look beneath the surface to see who I really am. I want my friends to care about my struggles, my joys, my pain. I want them to know who I am inside.

And I owe it to my friends to do the same for them. If I get to know my friends only by what I see on the outside, I am not being fair to them—and certainly not a real friend.

HELP ME TO SEE: God, teach us to look beyond appearances and to see people’s hearts as you do. Help us to love others inside and out.

Reflect and Pray

Take some time to think about the people who drive you crazy or whom you avoid at all costs. Consider what might be going on beneath their annoying habits. Ask God to help you see them and love them.


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