February 15, 2017


By: Wesley Overhults [Lexington, KY]

I have learned to be content with whatever I have. 
Philippians 4:11b (NRSV)

We live in a culture that doesn’t know the meaning of enough. We always seem to want more. The American dream is built on hard work, and everyone wants to live a success story. So we keep working, reaching, trying to get what we want. But once we get it, we see someone with more and we want that as well.


Being ambitious and pushing ourselves to new heights can be good, unless we never learn to be content with what we have. Some people will always have more money, possessions, or success than we do; and trying to be like them can lead to endless dissatisfaction. I’m learning that having the most stuff or the most money isn’t nearly as important as having a fulfilling life and making the world a better place. I’m happy with the life I’m building. I’m not interested in trying to emulate other people who are more successful than I am. Living the life God has given me is healthier and far more rewarding than being jealous of others.

CULTIVATE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: A good way to rid yourself of jealousy and to find contentment is to pray prayers of gratitude. Thank God for family and friends, for food and shelter, for talents and opportunities, for all God’s blessings, big and small; and gradually the jealously will disappear.

Bethany Acker, 21 [Plover, Wisconsin]



Try It

Take off the coat of judgment and envy. Put on the clothes of compassion and kindness.


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