February 6, 2018

Discovering True Friendship

By: Samantha Flores [Cedar Park, TX]

When I became sick and was hospitalized, I fell behind in my schoolwork.

I spent weeks simply trying to regain my strength. I had dozens of friends that I could count on for a good time or to accompany me on adventures; but during my illness, the only people who seemed concerned for me were my family and two of my friends. Those friends who cared for me and helped me to recover showed me the meaning of true friendship.

Be good friends who love deeply; practice playing second fiddle.
Romans 12:10 (The Message)

Friendship is not only about the good times. It is being there for one another no matter what. The time when a friend is in need is not the time to turn your back but to strengthen the relationship by showing how much you care. The friends who were there for me showed me how God works through other people to care for us when we need it most.

MAKE A LIST of the qualities you most admire and appreciate in your friends. Now list the qualities you possess that make you a true friend. What qualities do you want to develop to become a better friend?


How do you and your squad welcome new members? How can you set an example by reaching out to others who need a friend? Ask God for the courage to be honest and open and for the patience to be a true friend.


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