the gift of receiving
December 26, 2017

Faith In Action

By: Hannah Beaven [Newburgh, IA]

As I walked into my chemistry class, I was greeted with a torrent of cold air.

The air conditioning was on full blast, and goose bumps prickled down my arms as I settled into my seat. When my chemistry teacher walked by and commented on the cold, I agreed wholeheartedly, expressing my foolishness for not bringing a jacket. Without hesitation, Mrs. Will turned to grab a soft, gray cardigan from behind her desk.

“Here, have my sweater,” she offered cheerfully. Before I could refuse, Mrs. Will had thrust the sweater into my arms. Shivering, I put it on, feeling slightly embarrassed. But gradually I realized this was love in action.

Each of you must bring a gift in proportion to the way the Lord your God has blessed you.
Deuteronomy 16:17 (NIV)

Seeing my need, my teacher had gladly offered her sweater without hesitation or concern for herself. This kind of spontaneous generosity is an example of how we can love our neighbors as ourselves. Acting on our faith doesn’t require a noble deed. Even ordinary acts—the smiles, the door holding, the sweater sharing—allow us to offer the love of Christ to everyone we meet.

REFLECT: What gifts of selfless love have you received or witnessed this week? How will you turn your faith into action?

30 Seconds of Thanks

Take 30 seconds to make a mental list of as many good things in your life as you can. As you acknowledge the source of these gifts, you might feel a deep sense of wonder and excitement building up in you, ready to burst out in gratitude. If so, close your 30 seconds with a shout of gratitude.

the gift of receiving


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