too much noise
March 7, 2018

Find Your Silence

By: Katie Sweeney [Acworth, GA]

Discover why Jesus needed a quiet place in Matthew 26:36–56.

Teens are stressed to the max. Even when we relax, our to-do lists are racing through our minds. Our culture feeds on speed, and impatience thrives on minutes wasted. How can we find a moment of silence in the never-pausing noise of life?

These practices help me tune out the world and find silence:

  • Prayer—God is always there to comfort or to celebrate with us. I set a time every day to pray.
  • Fasting—This year, I gave up three things for three weeks (a food that I love and two things that take up my time) and filled the craving or time with the sweetness of being with Christ.
  • Bible Study and Journaling—These practices allow me to schedule regular moments of quiet time and reflection.
  • Studying with Friends—While not always quiet, this group provides a valuable source of fellowship and holds me accountable for tuning out the noise and tuning in to God.

TUNE OUT THE WORLD: With the constant flow of information today, news, social media, music, and radio can all become chatter after a while. What can we do when there is too much noise? During the most difficult time in his life, Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to quiet his heart and to talk with God about what he was about to face. In challenging times, finding a quiet place to pray can help us find peace and the answers that only God can give.

Jennifer Felton [Stone Mountain, GA]

GO DEEPER: Try Journaling

Make It A Mindset

Are you uncomfortable with silence? Do you try to fill quiet moments with conversation? Make time today to get away from the noise. Focus your mind. Quiet your soul. Be still. Seek to know who God is. And let this time of silence be broken only by the voice of God.

too much noise


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