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July 5, 2018

Hungry Children Fed

By: Emmanuel Afolabi [Lagos, Nigeria]

“Call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you.”
Psalm 50:15 (NIV)

One morning a widow spoke to her five young children: “My dear children, I have nothing to feed you this morning. I have no bread or anything else to eat. Ask God to help us. God is good and mighty, and tells us to ‘call on me in the day of trouble.’”

On his way to school, six-year-old Johnny passed an open door of the church. He went in, knelt down, and prayed with a loud voice, “Dear Father in heaven, we have nothing to eat. We have no bread, no meal, not even a piece of fruit. Please help us.”

When Johnny came home that afternoon, he saw on the table a large loaf of bread, a dish of meal, and a basket of fruit. “Thanks be to God,” he cried joyfully. “God has heard my prayer.”

His mother responded, “God has heard your prayer. As you knelt at the altar, a kind woman was kneeling in the church. You could not see her; but she saw you, and she heard your prayer. She has sent us these things. God has worked through her to help us. Now thank God, and never forget that our God is ‘a very present help in trouble’ (Psalm 46:1b, NRSV).”

ACT: Who around you is hungry? How can you help?

Keep it Simple

I remember the people who have offered a hug when I needed one, who have smiled at me or spoken kind words that made me feel valued. Perhaps their kindnesses felt insignificant to them, but they have meant the world to me. In the same way, we can be generous with our time and our gifts. We can bless others with something as simple as a tissue or a listening ear. We can write a note or speak words of encouragement. Who needs your help today?

make a difference


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