May 9, 2018

Look Into My Eyes

By: Angelina Palumbo [Mentor, OH]

You, Lord, know every one of my deepest desires, and my noisy groans are no secret to you.
Psalm 38:9 (CEV)

I put on a mask every day,
hiding who I really am.
I play my part and say my lines,
going through the motions.
I pretend that everything is all right,
that I’ve got it all under control.
I smile and laugh it off
when you ask if I’m OK.
But when you look deeper,
you see the truth.

Behind my smile
there is pain in my eyes.
If you look past the surface,
you’ll see the real me,
the one I’m afraid to show you.
Don’t believe the lies I say.
Don’t believe me when I say I’m OK.
Take the time to find the real me.
Look into my eyes
and see what I cannot say.

REVEAL WHAT’S REAL: Letting someone see the “real me” means being open and vulnerable. That can be scary! Many of us hide who we are because we are afraid of not being accepted, of being ridiculed or hurt. But don’t let fear win. Be yourself. Dare to make yourself vulnerable and to show others the amazing person God created you to be.

Reflect and Pray

Take some time to think about the people who drive you crazy or whom you avoid at all costs. Consider what might be going on beneath their annoying habits. Ask God to help you see them and love them.


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