April 19, 2017

Peter In A Pizzeria

By: Katherine Scheu [Clarkston, MI]

We stood in the tiny pizzeria. I stared down at my shoes, attempting to avoid eye contact with my co-workers,

who were swapping stories about their weekends. When the conversation turned to wild stories about experimenting with marijuana, they both turned and looked at me for a reaction. I just nodded my head in feigned agreement, never challenging what they said. I lacked the courage to defend my Christian lifestyle.

The disciples teach boldly about Christ in Acts 4:1–34a.


In Acts 4, Peter and John were jailed for teaching about Jesus. The elders and members of the high priest’s family questioned the disciples and were amazed by their courage and their love for Jesus. They finally released Peter and John, whose friends rejoiced, praising God for giving them courage; and they continued to speak boldly the word of God.

When confronted, Peter had explained that he was compelled to teach about Jesus: “We cannot keep from speaking about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20, NRSV). I wish I had another chance to participate in the pizzeria conversations. I would be clear about the way I choose to live. I would say what I thought and how the word of God led me to that conclusion. Most of all, I would pray for the courage to speak up. Maybe it’s not too late.

PRAY: When Peter and John were released, they returned to friends, who offered up a prayer: “Grant to your servants to speak your word with all boldness” (Acts 4:29b, NRSV). Pray with them for boldness to live for Christ.



Try This

Write on an index card “FAITH = RISK.” Look at the card before you start each day as a reminder to keep your eyes on Jesus and to follow boldly.


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