January 9, 2018

Run Your Own Race

By: Elaine Creasman [Largo, FL]

Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus.
Hebrews 12:1b–2a (NIV)

“Run your own race,”
is the whisper I hear
every time I run a 5K.
I’m tempted to try to keep up
with runners who are
in better physical condition
or who have more experience.
When I can’t catch up to them,
I feel discouraged.

But then the whisper comes:
“Run your own race. You are
Don’t get caught in the
trap of comparing or
trying to be like others.”
So I run the best race I can,
and I improve and feel satisfied.
Thank you, Lord, for your
whispers of truth as I
run the races of my life.

CAUGHT IN THE TRAP? I am competitive in almost anything that could be a competition—from cooking to sports. I take pride in doing my best and striving for excellence. Yet if I am not the best, I often feel as if I am the worst. I work hard to remember that I don’t have to be the best to be good at something. Competition is about doing what I love and competing with myself to improve my skills through practice, patience, and determination.

Sarah Klauda [Baltimore, MD]

Act On It

Next time you feel competitive, pause for a moment to consider how you can lift up God’s name and share God’s love rather than competing only for personal glory.


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