November 8, 2017

Set Free

By: A. G.

We have all done things that we regret.

Some people are able to learn from their mistakes and move on, but others are not. I did something socially and morally unacceptable, and I hated myself for it. When my so-called friends found out, they began to put me down, which only compounded my feelings of worthlessness.

“I will forgive their sins and will no longer remember their wrongs.”
Hebrews 8:12 (GNT)

Trapped in the depths of regret and self-hatred, I considered turning to self-harm or suicide. Thankfully, I turned to God instead and prayed that I would be reminded of God’s love. As my guilt and my “friends” tormented me, God reminded me of something far more important, which I captured in my journal: “Jesus loves me. Instead of bullying me, he died to save me. Instead of holding a grudge, he forgave me. Instead of keeping me from forgetting the bad, he helps me remember the good that came from it. Instead of chaining me to it, he set me free from it.”

TURN TO GOD: Have you done something you regret, something for which you can’t forgive yourself? Ask God for forgiveness; listen to the words God speaks to you. Allow them to replace your guilt and self-hatred with forgiveness and love.

Act on It

How can you celebrate the story of your life as it is right now? Spend time thinking about the good things in your life, not the things you want to change.


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