February 8, 2018

The Value of Friendship

By: Makayla Carr [Christiansburg, VA]

I choose as my friends everyone who worships you and follows your teachings.
Psalm 119:63 (CEV)

Friendship is quite valuable to me. Friends build you up when you feel down and are there for you when no one else is. They bring out the best in you. They make you laugh, even laugh until you cry. You can go to them with anything.

Choosing good friends is important because the friends we spend time with will influence us—for good or bad. A good friend will always encourage us to make the right choice, even if it’s hard. Although true friends may fight with us at some point, they are always willing to work things out. Jesus calls us to pick friends and to be friends who influence one another for good, help one another succeed, and seek God’s Kingdom together.

HOW WILL YOU CHOOSE? Sometimes we wonder, What qualities should a good friend have? For the answer, we can look to Jesus, the best friend we could possibly have. Jesus spent three years with his disciples, loving them, teaching them, and encouraging them to grow closer to God. The next time you are searching for a friend, look for someone who acts like Jesus.

Caleb Wess [El Dorado, AR]


How do you and your squad welcome new members? How can you set an example by reaching out to others who need a friend? Ask God for the courage to be honest and open and for the patience to be a true friend.


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