that's not fair
April 12, 2018

The Way It Is

By: Billy Valenzuela [Manila, Philippines]

I used to think that God favored some people in the world and despised others.

That’s just the way it is, I thought—until I read Galatians 3:28 and realized something new: We are all one in Christ!

Faith in Christ Jesus is what makes each of you equal with each other, whether you are a Jew or a Greek, a slave or a free person, a man or a woman.
Galatians 3:28 (CEV)

I have discriminated against other people. I have been tempted to look down on those I thought were not as smart as I am. I have ridiculed others for their inabilities. Yet as I contemplate this verse, I am reminded again and again that I am one with every person who believes in Jesus. Our mutual faith in Christ is the bond that joins us together. Though we are different, God loves us equally. I have some reconciling to do. How about you?

PRAYER: God of all, I am sorry for the ways I have mistreated other people. Forgive me. I know you are love and you live in me. Thank you for showing me your truth and for making me a new creation in Christ. Help me to love others as you have loved me. Amen.


Where do you see the mistreatment of those around you? Where do you see inequality?
What actions can you take? How will you stand up for those who are treated unequally?

that's not fair


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