December 1, 2017

Time To Listen

By: Juliana Jones [Daniels, WV]

When I faced a troubling family issue, I turned to Jennifer, asking her to pray for me as I grappled with what to do.

I could trust her not to blab to anyone, and she had time to listen. As she did, I recognized in her a deep love for God and a respect for others. She was calm, unlike me; but our personalities fit together well as we talked things out.

The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer.
1 Peter 3:12a (NIV)

Jennifer prayed for me and gave me some great advice. She also taught me the power of prayer and strengthened my belief in a generous God. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to lift my troubles to God. She has been a true friend ever since.

Jennifer helped me grow more mature in my faith and taught me how to care for others by taking time to be there and to listen. Now praying for and with others has become a spiritual practice for me, one that deepens my faith and brings me closer to God and to other people.

PRAYER: Dear God, may those who need me find a listening ear. Give me a calm and patient spirit to hear and to help. Amen.

Stronger Together

Many friends have strengthened my faith by reminding me of God’s truth in scripture, gently showing me when I need to change my ways, praying with me during hard times, sending notes to remind me I am loved, and holding me accountable for spiritual practices, such as prayer, Bible study, and worship with God’s people. We need each other. In times of testing or doubt, our Christian friends can help us through. When our faith is strong, we can encourage those friends in return. How will you encourage a friend in faith this week—call, text, hug, pray?


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