November 30, 2017

We All Need People

By: Krystal Goolsby [Albuquerque, NM]

Growing up, my home life wasn’t ideal.

At 17, I was placed in the foster care system. I was angry because I had been taking care of myself forever; but over time, I realized that I was in foster care for my own safety. Gradually, I learned to trust people and began to discover who I really am.

What you are doing is much more than a service that supplies God’s people with what they need. It is something that will make many others thank God.
2 Corinthians 9:12 (CEV)

A year later, I chose to enter a mentoring program for current and former foster youth. My mentor is a loving, caring person—someone I can go to for encouragement or simply to talk. Although I am 24 now and she has moved many states away, she is still there for me.

Krystal (right) with mentor Julie

Through my foster care experience, I’ve realized that even though I can take care of myself physically, I still need people in my life who love and care about me. We all need people who can support us emotionally and guide us in the right direction, even if sometimes that is as simple as giving a hug.

THINK ABOUT IT: Do you have friends or classmates who are trying to make it alone because of a difficult family situation? What do they need that you can offer? What might happen if you allowed them to count on you?

Stronger Together

Many friends have strengthened my faith by reminding me of God’s truth in scripture, gently showing me when I need to change my ways, praying with me during hard times, sending notes to remind me I am loved, and holding me accountable for spiritual practices, such as prayer, Bible study, and worship with God’s people. We need each other. In times of testing or doubt, our Christian friends can help us through. When our faith is strong, we can encourage those friends in return. How will you encourage a friend in faith this week—call, text, hug, pray?


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