July 27, 2017

Will You Wait?

By: Madeleine Karako [Grand Forks, ND]

“He tried to, but I said no.
He tried again, and I left the room.
That’s it. Nothing else happened.”

Dillon searched for a response.
After two years of dating, she finally told him about her past:
her trust had been broken,
her faith in people’s decency, shattered;
someone she loved and trusted had told her
all he wanted was her body.

Don’t excite love, don’t stir it up, until the time is ripe—and you’re ready.
Song of Solomon 8:4b (The Message)

She asked Dillon if he would wait until they were married.
She asked to find out what he wanted from her,
to see if he would wait and be happy.
And he did wait, and he was happy.
You might not think that a guy would be happy waiting;
but if you’ve ever waited for something you truly desired
and you earned it honorably,
be honest—you were pretty happy.
You are not alone if you are waiting.
I waited for my husband, and he waited for me.
At times it seemed impossible,
but it was worth every struggle with temptation.
Don’t settle for less than you deserve.
If someone truly loves you,
he or she will wait for you.

IT’S OK TO WAIT: And it’s OK to ask your future spouse to wait until marriage to be intimate. If he or she refuses, don’t settle. Wait to give your heart to someone who shares your values and beliefs.

Take Time

to set your own boundaries, to talk about them with the person you are dating, to get to know each other well, to value each other as God’s creations. If the relationship moves beyond dating, you may discover that these things allowed genuine love to grow.


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