May 8, 2018

You're Beautiful

By: Taylor Gerlach [Matthews, NC]

I hadn’t showered or changed my clothes in a week. Any trace of makeup had long since sweated off.

When the subway doors opened, I stepped inside the cool metal car with the 10 other students in my mission group. We spread out and looked for empty seats, hoping to start conversations with other commuters.

I sat down and smiled at the man sitting across the aisle from me. He smiled back. Then he said, “You’re beautiful.”

Taylor’s mission team

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.
Song of Songs 4:7 (NIV)

I froze. Wondering if it would be rude to move to another seat, I responded uncomfortably, “Thank you.”

He smiled again and began to tell me about his daughter. For the rest of the ride, he beamed with pride as he told story after story—and I grew more relaxed. As his stop approached, he gave me some fatherly advice—to stay in school and out of trouble.

Sitting alone again, I thought about my encounter with this man whom I had come to see as a loving father. He had reminded me how God sees me: as God’s beautiful child. Even with no shower, dirty clothes, greasy hair, and smudgy makeup, I am beautiful in God’s eyes.

JOURNAL: When, at a moment you least expected it, has someone reminded you how beautiful you are in God eyes?

Reflect and Pray

Take some time to think about the people who drive you crazy or whom you avoid at all costs. Consider what might be going on beneath their annoying habits. Ask God to help you see them and love them.


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