January 22, 2018

Overcoming Anger

By: K. Z. [Enola, PA]

During my childhood, my dad had trouble controlling his anger.

Sometimes he would cross the line without realizing it. Being exposed to that environment was rough on me. I grew angry when Dad treated my family badly. Gradually, I began to develop anger issues of my own.

Hot tempers cause arguments, but patience brings peace.
Proverbs 15:18 (GNT)

When I realized I was exhibiting the same tendencies that had hurt me so badly, I decided that learning to overcome my anger could make me stronger. Many people with anger issues say that they can’t control their anger, that it’s not their fault. But years of practicing my faith had taught me that I could do anything through Christ. I believed that if I could overcome my anger issues, I could tackle anything. 

I prayed for help, and God has been with me every step of the way, helping me become a better person.

CONQUER YOUR ANGER: Here’s my advice to anyone who needs help to conquer anger: 

  1. First, pray about it. God always listens.
  2. Pay attention to what it takes for you to boil over. Begin to recognize what your breaking point is. 
  3. Take precautions. When you feel yourself heading toward the boiling point, take a step back. 
  4. Re-evaluate the situation and decide if it is actually something worth getting angry about. 

You can do it. Just be patient and never turn your back on God.


Think about the last time you lost your temper. What other emotion may have been beneath your anger?


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