dealing with death
April 10, 2017

God's Healing Presence

By: Taylor Tucker [Kennesaw, GA]

When I lost my dad, I felt as if my whole world shattered.

I didn’t know how to deal with the pain except to pray and to cling to God’s word. And since day one, God has reminded me through scripture, other people, and the beauty of nature that God is with me and has not forsaken me, even when I feel abandoned. I’ve learned that being angry with God is OK. So is telling God exactly how we feel. The truth is that God already knows and wants to hear from us, for as soon as we are honest about how hurt and confused we are, we start to realize that acknowledging our pain is part of letting go and healing.


Isaiah 43:1–2 assures us that God is present with us in all circumstances.

God wants to heal us. Instead of trying to hide the pain and acting as if we can handle it on our own, we can turn to God, who suffers as we do, who feels our pain. God is with us to help carry our burdens. God also puts people in our lives to help carry us through tough times. I don’t know what I would have done without the friends who helped carry my pain when it was too heavy for me to carry on my own. Their comforting hugs were for me the arms of God.

REFLECT ON MATTHEW 5:4 AND 11:28: When dealing with death, trust God for healing and comfort.



Look for the Fingerprints

Think of people you love who have died. In what ways have they touched your life?

dealing with death


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