January 23, 2017

Dreaming Church

By: Kamilah Asafa [Ashland, KY]

If you were to ask your friends what their dream church would look like, what kinds of responses do you think you would hear?

Free doughnuts every Sunday morning? Youth group trips to Disney World? Worship services that are like being at a rock concert? Ideas such as these could easily end up on the list.


Colossians 3:1–17 offers a dream of what the church can be.

Do you think this is what Jesus’ dream church looks like? I don’t. I believe Jesus calls us as the church to keep our eyes, minds, and hearts set on him. I believe Jesus calls us as the church to be people who point others to him, who help those in need, who shine his light in and through all we do.

Let’s not sell ourselves short by dreaming only of lively music, good food, and fun trips. Let’s dream seriously about what the church centered in Christ can become in and for our world today. Let’s make our dreams as great as the One for whom we live. Then let us work together to make those dreams a reality.

Dream BIG! Take some time this week to talk with friends and family about your dreams for the church. Then consider together what Jesus dreams for the church. Do your dreams reflect his? Are your dreams too small? Challenge one another to dream big! In what specific ways can you be the church Jesus calls us to be?




How can we help the church to be real, to accept others as they are?


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