February 13, 2017

Green With Envy

By: Emily Acker [Medford, WI]

I see a girl who is wearing the dress I wanted to buy but couldn’t afford. Immediately, I feel jealous.

Maybe you see a guy driving the car you want, while you’re driving a car that is barely running. He smiles at you; but envious, you turn away. When we want something someone else has, sometimes we find it hard to be nice.


You want something you don’t have, and you will do anything to get it. You will even kill! But you still cannot get what you want, and you won’t get it by fighting and arguing.
James 4:2a (CEV)

Jealousy can suck the life out of us if we are more focused on what we don’t have than on what we do. Jealousy can destroy relationships if we are more concerned about what other people have than about
who they are. Jealousy really doesn’t help anyone.

Make a commitment today to appreciate what you do have, to look beyond what other people own and to focus instead on who they are and the friendship they are offering.

ACT ON IT: When we are jealous, we see other people as competition, as rivals instead of friends. Being jealous puts distance between us, which keeps our relationships from growing. Whom do you see as competition? Ask God to take away your jealously and to help you build stronger relationships.

Tynea Lewis [New Holland, Pennsylvania]



Try It

Take off the coat of judgment and envy. Put on the clothes of compassion and kindness.


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