July 18, 2016

What and Why?

By: Kate Elise Gutierrez [Quetzaltenango, Guatemala]

“We eat to live—these guys live to eat!” is one of the lines that struck me from the animated movie Over the Hedge (2006).

RJ the raccoon is talking to animal friends outside a human’s home and trying to explain the difference between human and animal food intake.

Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? 
1 Corinthians 3:16 (NRSV)

God designed our bodies to consume food. Without food and water, we could not survive for long. Taste buds are proof of God’s creativity and reflect the variety of flavors and foods available. Fruits and vegetables provide both nourishment and vitamins. And even the occasional dessert is enjoyable. (Did someone say chocolate?)

Think about it: Virtually every event from birth to death includes food. When a baby is born or an older adult dies, people stock the family’s refrigerator. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provide at least three meals a day, not to mention after-school snacks and the food we eat while watching TV, movies, and sporting events. Yet, if we want to be healthy, eating in moderation and thinking about what we are eating and why we are eating are key. Portion sizes and recognizing how emotions relate to food should definitely be taken into account. Let’s take a hint from RJ: Food is a gift that sustains us, but it does not need to control us.

REFLECT: The next time you sit down to eat, take a longer look at the items you’re about to consume. Remember that your body was made by God and entrusted into your care.

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The next time you sit down to eat, take a longer look at the items you’re about
to consume. Remember that your body was made by God and entrusted into your care.


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