hunger hits home
June 19, 2017

Feeding The Hungry

By: Michelle Ankrum [Marshalltown, IA]

My community is home to thousands of immigrants and refugees,

some of whom struggle to provide food for their children. The local schools offer free breakfasts and lunches to qualifying students. We also pack bags of food and drinks for the weekends and holidays. During the summer, I help to serve lunches to kids under eighteen. Seeing these kids lined up for food makes me wonder how many others are too shy to come for a meal.

Share your food with everyone who is hungry.
Isaiah 58:7a (CEV)

Almost eighty percent of the students in our town are in the free or reduced lunch program. What about your town? If you have plenty to eat, pay it back by serving in a school lunch program or at a community soup kitchen. I promise it will make an impact.

VOLUNTEER: My time at the homeless shelter or the soup kitchen has always been on the serving side of the line. Volunteering forces me to see what God sees: God’s children are hungry and cold; they need help. Offering them food, a kind word, and a smile can make a difference. How can you help your hungry brothers and sisters in Christ?

Act on It

When we give, we are showing love; and that’s something the world could always use a little more of. Ask God for opportunities to serve those in need; then give generously.

hunger hits home


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