December 11, 2017

Recipe For Morning Joy

By: Pamela Trunk [St. Petersburg, FL]

I am anxious and restless; then my alarm confronts me.

I roll out of bed, hit the shower, and get dressed. Thoughts of the day’s events swirl in my head. It’s too much.

Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning.
Psalm 30:5b (NRSV)

Out of habit, I turn on the praise station, grab my Bible and notebook, and sit down. I hear the music; and though I’m not focusing on the words, they do block out my anxious thoughts. I write: “Dear God, I can’t . . .” Soon I am scratching out my soul to God—my fears, my faults, my indecisions.

I begin to recognize the lyrics. God’s compassion is consoling my cold spirit. God, who knows and cares about me, does not minimize my feelings. The heaviness lifts as more truth is revealed. God, my rock, my source of life, has good plans for me. Soon I’m praying over the events of my day with the expectation that God will show up in each one.

The subtle sensation finally is present—not bubbling over in excitement but warm and steady, grounded in peace and hope. I believe it was there all along but needed to be unearthed: Joy.

TRY IT: Each morning this week, spend time praying about the day ahead, inviting and expecting God to be part of it. Notice the peace and joy you feel each time God shows up.

Think about It

Reflect on a difficult time in your past. What did you learn about your need for God? about the peace that comes only through struggle? What would you lose if life were nothing but pure joy?


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