May 8, 2017


By: Melissa Lauria [Smithtown, NY]

He was a farmer’s boy,
born to herd sheep,
his destiny set before his first heartbeat.

He woke with the rising sun,
said a prayer after work was done,
plucked strings of a harp when the light had gone.
Brave brothers sent to the front,
he was the little one left home to work.

The Lord has sought out a man after his own heart; and the Lord has appointed him to be ruler over his people.
1 Samuel 13:14b (NRSV)

His father sent him to fetch the news.
“Too young to fight,” the king had said.
But David chose five stones from the riverbed.
He knew the Lord would not turn away,
and neither did the small boy sway
but sent to rest the Philistine’s best.
Once a child,
once a farm boy,
once a warrior,
a king forevermore.

CONSIDER: What does young David teach us about trusting God in the face of danger?


In what way is God calling you to be more like a little child? Ask God to help you mature into childlikeness, even though it seems kind of backward.


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