out of the ordinary
July 1, 2017

Out In Nature

By: Caitlin Cacciatore [Howard Beach, NY]

When I feel close to God, I am able to be more sincere in my prayers.

Therefore, I frequently seek to enhance my prayer life by spending time in nature. Being away from the creations of humankind and entering into the beauty of nature puts me in a more prayerful state of mind and reminds me to start and to end each prayer by giving thanks for God’s creation.

You are wonderful, Lord,
and you deserve all praise,
because you are much greater
than anyone can understand.
Psalm 145:3 (CEV)

Meditating in a space created by God and untouched by humanity also serves as a powerful reminder of the greatness and glory of God. Sometimes, finding such a place can be difficult, especially in the world’s big cities; but I am learning to give thanks and praise to God for even the smallest oasis of nature, whether it’s a single tree, a lone plant, or a tiny flower.

GET CLOSER TO GOD: Find a place outdoors that calls you out of your ordinary routine and into the presence of God. Be honest with God about whatever is on your mind, beginning and ending your prayer with the words of Psalm 145:3 above.


Stop and focus on this moment. Notice what you see, hear, smell, feel—right now. What dispels your worries? What reminds you that God is with you?

out of the ordinary


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