October 24, 2016

Cubby Prayer

By: Kate Elise Gutierrez [Quetzaltenango, Guatemala]

Every morning, when my mom dropped me off at kindergarten,

I took off my backpack and hung it on the hook in my assigned cubby. Then I stepped into the cubby and stayed there for about ten seconds. After a couple of weeks, my teacher approached my mom.

Each morning you listen
to my prayer,
as I bring my requests to you
and wait for your reply.
Psalm 5:3 (CEV)

“Your daughter’s doing the weirdest thing,” she said. “When the other students arrive, they put their backpacks away and come sit on the rug. But Kate stands inside her cubby for a few seconds first.”

That evening, my parents questioned me about this new habit: “Are you afraid of something? Is another kid bothering you?”


I looked up from my dinner plate, smiled, and declared, “I’m praying!”

I guess my prayer life began at a young age. I don’t remember exactly what words I prayed, but I was thanking God for the day and asking God to help me love others. Unfortunately, during elementary school I lost my desire to pray about the day. I think I gave in to peer pressure, and maybe I needed to glance at the words for a spelling test. Looking back, I wonder how much easier those crazy school days would have been if I had started each morning with God. I’m grateful that I can start again.

TRY IT: Carve out a space to spend time with God each morning.



Act On It

How will you participate in prayer at your school? How can you, united with others in your community and around the world, show forth the amazing love of God?


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