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October 16, 2017

Social Media Jealousy

By: Ashlea Massie [Friendswood, TX]

I looked at what he liked on Facebook. Why didn’t he like any of my stuff?

He liked everything his friend posted without fail but rarely liked anything I said. All of his friend’s stuff was dumb! Or so I thought. I grew more annoyed with him each time he had failed to like or heart my posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

A heart at peace gives life to the body,
but envy rots the bones.
Proverbs 14:30 (NIV)

Such a small and silly thing had allowed jealousy to creep in. Every time I posted on social media, I was thinking about the like factor. If a post didn’t elicit a lot of likes or comments, I would get upset, wondering why someone else’s posts were favored over mine.

My jealousy began to eat at me. I knew it had to stop, so I took a break from social media. I didn’t compare myself to others or worry about how often my posts were liked—and I felt so much better. Comparing ourselves with others can fuel our jealousy and steal the joy from our lives. Let’s be careful not to let jealousy creep into our hearts.

TRY IT: Take a break from social media for one week. Replace the desire for likes and hearts with self-love and moments with God.



Is something in your everyday life wearing you out—an exercise routine? a hobby? a friendship? a ministry? Build a rest day into your schedule—once a week or once a month—and take a break from that commitment. Allow rest to make you better at the task or the relationship and more enthusiastic about returning to it.

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