April 24, 2017

Family Of God

By: Nathan Mazzuca [Dupont, WA]

My family is complicated, funny, loving, artistic, and extremely colorful—in every sense possible.

We are a group of six people—Caucasian, African American, and mixed. Race and its significance stares our family in the face every day.

Do we not all have one Father? Did not one God create us?
Malachi 2:10a (NIV)

Our nation has a tattered history of race relations and has struggled to appreciate its diversity. Growing up in this country, we have been folded into America’s stained history and understanding of race.

Why does this matter to Christians? Because the heart of the matter is about God, who made all the races of humankind. Perceiving others negatively based on their skin color is not only hateful to the individual but also disrespectful to God.


As an artist paints a portrait, so God has painted a colorful world as God desires it to be. Apparently, God loves green grass, blue water, red strawberries, gray elephants, and a rainbow of human beings. When we’re critical and judgmental, we dishonor the artist. God has woven humanity into a diverse and colorful tapestry and loves to look at this masterpiece. Let’s honor the artist by looking lovingly at this picture of human creation and attempt to see everyone through God’s eyes.

JUST A THOUGHT: The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. —Aristotle



Think About It

When have you been a victim of racism? If you could do something to confront racism, what would you do? Whose example of looking beyond appearances to see the heart would shape your actions?


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