the poet in you
August 1, 2016

Who Am I?

By: Alina Kanaski [Tucson, AZ]

I will sing a new song to you, O God.
Psalm 144:9a (NRSV)

I write poetry.
I’m no poet
with a sense of rhyme or alliteration
or how words should sound.
No sonnets here!

But writing a sentence or forming a paragraph
is beyond me.
I can’t write what I’m feeling.
I can’t analyze it. I can’t face it.
So I write poetry.

It’s free.
I write what I want,
no thoughts of sentences
or paragraphs.
Line breaks
cut off unwanted thoughts,
making them freer on the next line.
How does that work?
I can’t face who I am right now
except through poetry.

JOURNAL: Who am I? What do I feel? Express yourself in poetry.


Read and Write:

Begin with your favorite scripture passages, and write a poem that expresses your faith.

the poet in you


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