September 26, 2016

24 Hours

By: Jessica Lippe [Central Point, OR]

We know that life isn’t fair. Some people are born into affluent families or naturally have skills that make them more successful.

Others have lives illustrated by a series of tough stretches. But time is the great equalizer. Everyone in the world gets 24 hours in every day.

My times are in your hand.
Psalm 31:15a (NRSV)


Of course, we spend those 24 hours in different ways. Some of the time is taken up by things that we have to do—eating, sleeping, and going to school. But even these mandatory activities differ, depending on how we spend the time. Are we using all our time in ways that will glorify God?

I once heard that life is a race against time. Our biggest challenge is to make the best use of each of our days so that we honor God and make a positive difference in our own life and in the lives of the people around us.

JOURNAL: Make a list. What will you do with today’s 24 hours?




The most important aspect of time management is seeking God’s will. Ask what God desires for your life, and allow God’s direction to guide the way you spend your time.


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