too much noise
March 5, 2018

Could I Please Have Some Silence?

By: Miriam Krause [Apple Valley, MN]

“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.”
Isaiah 30:15b (NIV)

With three little sisters running around the house, silence is not an option. I can rarely enjoy the peace and quiet of my room without someone banging on the door. “Miriam! I need you to stitch my stuffed animal!” “Miriam, can I borrow a tape?” “Miriam, the dogs want to come into your room.” Sometimes the noise makes me crazy!

Most of us desire times of silence. Many of us crave solitude and appreciate the benefits we receive from it. Even Jesus sought out solitude. When we meet God in silence, we can hear God’s voice without all the distractions. Pray for the space to seek God in silence.

QUIET THE NOISE: Jesus also lived with noise. To cope, he took time away to center his thoughts on the one who is the source of all strength—God. In doing so, Jesus provides the perfect example of how we can refuel our tanks. If Christ needed time alone to rest and to be with God, certainly we do! Look at your day. When can you carve out time to be alone with God? What noise will you have to tune out? Commit to a regular meeting time with God. You’ll be amazed how refreshing it is to spend time in God’s presence.

Heather Boltz [Shiremanstown, PA]


Make It A Mindset

Are you uncomfortable with silence? Do you try to fill quiet moments with conversation? Make time today to get away from the noise. Focus your mind. Quiet your soul. Be still. Seek to know who God is. And let this time of silence be broken only by the voice of God.

too much noise


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