we are the body
June 18, 2018

Body Building

By: Rachel DeAngelis [Knoxville, TN]

Encourage one another and build each other up.
1 Thessalonians 5:11a (NIV)

I do not consider myself a runner. Yet several months ago, I made a commitment to go for a run at least three days a week. I was making progress—getting a little faster and going a little farther with every run.

Then I discovered a running class at the gym—a room full of treadmills, with lights dimmed, music blaring, and a leader shouting instructions. I was intimidated by this class of seasoned runners, afraid they would judge me for being a newbie.

Despite my apprehension, I joined the class. And soon I was running faster and farther than I ever had before. That was the power of the group. With encouragement, support, and a little friendly competition from other runners, I was able to accomplish more than I ever could have achieved on my own.

My experience at the gym also helped me to see the value of having a community of faith. On our own, we may struggle along in our Christian walk. Without someone walking beside us and cheering us on, we might easily give up. But with a group of Christians to support us and to hold us accountable, we can become practically unstoppable.

PRAY: Ask God to help you build a community of friends who accept you, encourage you to strengthen your faith, and challenge you to grow—as you do for them.

Reach Out

God calls us to love one another. Identify one person at school or church whom you might not choose as family. Make time this week to strike up a conversation. Ask get-to-know-you questions, and listen closely to the responses. Try to discover something you have in common, and offer the gift of friendship. Pray that you might learn to love as God loves.

we are the body


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