Weight of the World
June 20, 2016

Lifting The Weight

By: Jordan McCubbin [Colorado Springs, CO]

As we go through our days, we deal with stress, anxiety, and pain.

Philippians 4:11–13 promises that in every situation, Christ will give us strength.

We come across all sorts of situations that need to be handled in different ways. Couples break up, friends get angry with each other, parents divorce, school makes demands. Then on top of it all, we deal with the weight of what’s happening in the world and with what society expects of us. If we keep God in our heart through all our struggles and pain, every situation will seem brighter. Christ will help lift the weight of the world off of our shoulders and guide us through whatever comes.


SEE EACH DAY AS A GIFT: I drag my feet through daily struggles, whimpering under the drizzle of my own rain cloud. My worries stack like bricks, creating a wall between me and God. Finally, in a panic, I call out to the Lord to meet me where I am, broken and bogged down. In prayer, I find no condemnation but only the abounding grace of God, who reminds me that every day is a gift and that pain and strife will not weigh us down forever. God, who brings a sunrise each morning and the promise of a new day, carries us throughout our lives.

Lydia Grace, 21 [Muncie, IN]

Act on It

Have you helped someone who has weightier problems than your own? See what happens when you take the focus off yourself and put it on helping others.

Weight of the World


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