May 1, 2017

A Matter Of Perspective

By: Allison Straw [Fairport, NY]

Keep yourselves in the love of God.
Jude 21a (NRSV)

I worry a lot. I am a people pleaser and want everyone to think well of me, so I worry about messing up or even making someone else look bad. I feel that I need to prove, produce, perform; but I worry that I won’t live up to other people’s expectations. I even worry about worrying. Will worry affect my health? Does worrying mean I am not trusting God?


When I catch myself worrying, I have to take a step back and put things in perspective: God cares about me. God has the power to take care of my needs. God knows what is going on in my life and loves me dearly. When I keep my focus on God, I do a lot less worrying.

REFLECT: Worrying is only natural. We have bills to pay, grades to keep up, relationships to maintain, college applications to complete. News of school shootings and terrorists also adds stress to our lives. It’s hard not to worry. But Isaiah 41:10a (CEV) says:
Don’t be afraid. I am with you. . . .
I am your God.
I will make you strong.

Instead of worrying about our problems or shying away from challenges, let’s ask God for the strength to overcome them.

Grant Marquardt [Commerce Township, MI]

Just A Thought

“We’re all a part of this world, and it’s up to us to make this one chance at living—living worth while. But the only way to do that is by doing it together.”
—Robert Vanleeuwen

Who helps you through the changes in life?


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