Write Your Own

devozine® meditations are written by real people—like you! They invite readers to grow closer to God and to check in with God throughout the day. If an upcoming theme below resonates with you, consider sharing a devo of your own.

What’s In A Devo?

Honest stories of struggle and faith, spoken from the heart of those seeking to encounter God and to live out their beliefs.

Some things you will want to know:

  • Word Count: Prose: 150–250 words. Poetry: no more than 20 lines.
  • Style: casual, conversational, youth-friendly; using inclusive language for people and for God
  • Format: narrative, poetry, prayers, stories, songs, art, photos, videos
  • Scripture: Try to include a scripture verse or suggested text (state version of Bible used).
  • Closing Idea: Add a brief prayer, quote, scripture,  reflection or journaling question, spiritual practice, or action idea for readers to take with them through the day.
  • Publication: If your devo is chosen, we will notify you by mail and send forms to be signed and returned before your work can be published.
  • Payment: $25 for weekday meditations; $10–15 for a reflection for another meditation

Complete Writer’s Guidelines and Themes

Deadline for the March/April 2017 themes listed below is 6/6/2016.


  • If you wish, submit a photo and caption to complement your devo. Recommend JPG and largest size possible.
  • If you are 13 or under, please send us your devotion by postal mail.
    I agree to The Upper Room’s Terms of Service and confirm that I am 14 years of age or older and that this is my original work. devozine has my permission to publish any work that I submit via this website.*
  • *required fields



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